Professional language of Friendly and Fair Teaching

Gradually, Friendly and Fair Teaching (FFT) started using professional language. Some terms we came up with ourselves: Ladder of action, Future behaviour letter, Cheat sheet. Others were coined by students: Tip, Tip book. Still other terms were given to us by experts: Qualification, Socialization and Personal Education. An “abacus” looks different at FFT than it originally did. Therefore, we include this term in this list.

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Wherever we use these terms, we capitalize them to remind the reader that Friendly and Fair Teaching gives them a specific meaning.

Professional language Friendly and Fair Teaching

Ladder of action
When a student disturbes the lesson you reinforce positive behaviour with the four steps of the Ladder of Action. Each step gives this student a chance to behave according to the framework.
Qualification Qualification has to do with transfer and acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes that qualify one to do “something,” both for a profession and for life in a complex modern society.
Motivational coach
With the term ‘Motivational coach‘ FFT indicates that as a teacher you not only teach but also coach. As a motivational coach, you stimulate intrinsic motivation in your students.
Subjectivation Subjectivation can include qualities such as independence, responsibility and also maturity.
Socialisation Socialization has to do with how education introduces and connects children to existing traditions and practices – both socio-cultural, political, religious and philosophical practice – , as well as vocational and professional practices.
Abacus The abacus is a tool of Friendly and Fair Teaching that looks like a triangular folder. You use this abacus when you are teaching the whole class and when your students are working independently.
Cheat sheet
The Cheat sheet is a description of the steps you take to reinforce positive behaviour. With this cheat sheet you give a student several chances to adhere to the framework.
Future behaviour letter
A Future behaviour letter is an assignment you hand out to a student disrupting the lesson. It is the third step of the Ladder of action. This assignment is effective because it costs the student time. The Future behaviour letter is a crucial step to reinforce positive behaviour. This assignment is not only effective in the moment, it also has an effect over time. By coöperating with a senior member of staff, the letter is always handed in which makes it effective.
Tip A Tip is a positive instruction that replaces a warning. A Tip is a non-exempt and countable step by which you direct behaviour. If necessary, the step leads to handing out an assignment. At FFT, this assignment is called ‘Future Behaviour letter’.
Tip book
If you teach the entire class, use the ‘Tip Book‘ to note when you give a student a ‘Tip’ or a ‘Future behaviour letter’. This way of taking notes looks friendlier than taking notes directly on a class list. Outside of class, you incorporate the notes from your Tip Book into a class list.

Nick Sorensen – Adviser to Friendly and Fair Teaching

Friendly and Fair Teaching started as a translation from the Dutch educational website ‘Vriendelijk Orde Houden’. Nick first translated all professional language on that website to Englisch including all terms mentioned above. Even the name of the website Friendly and Fair Teaching is his idea.