CRKBO – Assessment course

What is the CRKBO?

The CRKBO is a Dutch institution. The Central Register for Short Professional Education consists of a Register for Institutions and a Register for Teachers:

  1. The Register for Institutions includes educational institutions that comply with the Quality Code for Training Institutions for Short Professional Education.
  2. The Register Teachers includes self-employed teachers who comply with the Quality Code for Teachers.

See site CRKBO

Registration Rapucation/Vriendelijk Orde Houden

On March 28, 2018, Rapucation/Vriendelijk Orde Houden received an email from the CRKBO that we are registered as an institution. Rapucation/Friendly and Fair Teaching thereby meets criteria of the CRKBO.

If you click on this link and enter ‘rapucation’ in the left field, Rapucation/Vriendelijk Orde Houden will appear as a registered institution. A main consequence of this registration is that Rapucation is exempt from levying VAT. This makes us more advantageous for our clients.

Criteria CRKBO

In its assessment, the CRKBO among other things pays attention to:

  1. AVG (General Data Protection Regulation). See the item confidentiality of our general terms and conditions.
  2. The complaints procedure
  3. Course and teacher evaluations to be submitted by participants (see below).

Evaluation by course participants

After a course, we submit these questions to participants with the goal of improving our quality.

a) Was your coach friendly?
b) Was your coach clear?
c) Was the presentation clear
d) Is the handout clear?
e) How likely do you think it is that you will be able to teach more kindly and clearly in the future?
f) Do you have any comments or observations as a result of this course?

Starting in 2018, VOH evaluates each course with this questionnaire. The first 10 evaluations averaged an 8.6. (scale 1-10) Especially the comments at point f from course participants allow us to make targeted improvements to the course materials and to our methods. If a course participant’s suggestion leads to an improvement of VOH, we mention it at the bottom of the module concerned under the point ‘credits’. In order for as many teachers as possible to benefit from the knowledge we have collected, all our information is available free of charge.

March 22, 2023 rating of our course by the last ten students: 9.4