Hare goes undercover

Author Thijs Hogenhuis of “Hare goes undercover” compares the educational situation in hare country to that in human country. In hare country, everything is better organized. I read the book and see similarities between education in hares country and the education advocated by Friendly and Fair Teachting (FFT)

Johan ‘t Hart – January 2024

Thijs Hogenhuis wrote Haas goes undercover (2021). In that book, the main character is a hare named Bobby. Bobby has been sent out by the hares to follow and investigate the education system for humans. From Bobby’s experiences, the hares want to learn how to improve their own education system for hares.

Thijs wrote this book as a student in grade 6 of VWO. He worked out an assignment for a subject called ‘cultural and artistic education’ in the Netherlands in the form of this book.

What does the hare run into? Education does not match the possibilities students have. It puts students in a straitjacket.

I empathize with Bobby, the main character of the book. I too felt trapped in the school system as a student. What saved me was an event at the beginning of my time in high school. The music teacher noticed my skill as a pianoplayer and gave me plenty of opportunities to perform. That determined my choice of study: music teacher. I now pass on my experiences as a coach at FFT.

I think Thijs puts his finger on the wound. I think the education system can only be changed if students and teachers who are looking for alternatives join forces. I am now in contact with Thijs through his publisher. Together with him I want to start looking for solutions similar to the education the hares get in Thijs’ book.